There is no easy out of this except by winning more seats in Congress.

All of sudden abortion law in this country since the Supreme Court threw out its Roe v Wade ruling, is no longer a federal issue at all. It is entirely a matter for the states. Unless Congress were to codify those protections into federal law, there is not a damn thing President Biden can do. There is no action he can take. He can’t issue any blanket pardons. He can’t draw up and sign an executive order. I’m seeing a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter who think that Biden can save the day here, but he cannot, not on this. There is no easy way out of this except by winning more seats in congress, enough to get legislation passed. it’s not up to Joe Biden, it’s up to the voters in districts currently held by Republicans. Thus November we need to win several of those seats for this to change, while holding onto the seats we have. That is the only way to change this. As it is, yesterday’s decision stands.

Republicans for years now have been outsmarting Democrats on this stuff, and you can blame us entirely for somehow winding up with more votes but less power. We handed most of the (small d) democratic process over to them, from local government on up. We couldn’t be bothered. They made most of their gains in the 80s and 90s when so many of our people could scarcely be bothered to vote. We’ve been paying for it since. We won the presidential elections—two of the last three times this century that they won the electoral college they lost the popular vote—we win the House, we even win the Senate, but look at the state races. We’ve gotten creamed. Is it any wonder that the abortion laws in a majority of states could have been written the Federalist Society? We handed them the keys to the state governments, from the governor’s office to the legislatures.

Meanwhile, they’ve been following the same gameplan they’ve been working with since the Goldwater campaign in 1964. Seriously, this strategy first came together in 1964. It didn’t work then, but by 1980 it won the White House and began to win statehouse after statehouse. Meanwhile, our side’s voting numbers in the 80s and 90s plummeted. We’re looking at the results now of 58 years of a basically continuous conservative game plan. They certainly never kept it a secret. They even brag about it. But have we caught on yet? Is it any wonder they think we’re stupid? Are we?

Not saying it’s permanent. Millennials et al are voting in higher numbers than anybody their age has in decades, and are decidedly not voting Republican. Come back in twenty years and see what they’ve done. We boomers will nearly all be gone by then, thankfully. We talk Woodstock but we voted Trump. I can’t explain that, and I was born right smack in the middle—1957—of the post war baby boom.

Only tweets will tell

Unless you actually wander through the bizarre social media world of Trump supporters, you will really have no idea just how out there and paranoid their perception of reality is. I was amazed to see that they are becoming increasingly convinced that the London mayor Sadiq Khan has ties to ISIS, the implication being that he was somehow behind the terror attacks. There’s no proof of this whatsoever, of course, but it was a story in Breitbart, which means it must be true. Furthermore, as Trump, like his core followers, gets most of his news from Breitbart, does he think that the mayor of London is affiliated with ISIS? Only tweets will tell.

This was not 1980

This was not 1980. There was not a landslide. Indeed, when the votes are finally tallied in a couple weeks, Clinton will have a margin in the popular vote that could reach two million votes. Most people did not vote for Trump. But enough did in the right states that enabled Trump to win the electoral college. But American did not change like it did in 1980. There is no national mandate for Trump’s vicious, racist ideology. This was the electoral college equivalent of a coup d’etat. So what do you do? You resist. You resist in every way possible, you fight him at every step, until the next election. Remember, this scumbag declared war on the rest of us. He and his followers treated it like war. They screamed bloody threats, waved guns, and promised to put us in jail. His movement–and he loves calling it that, his movement–is probably the most fascist thing we have seen in this country since the nazi-infiltrated German-American Bund in the 1930’s. Trump and his movement have some really freaky tie ins to the far right movements in Europe, to the creepy insane Alt Right in this country, and most bizarrely of all is affiliated with the kleptocratic regime of Vladimir Putin. The most dangerous right wing ideologues in this country will be working in his Administration. There has never been such a threat to American democracy as the presidency of Donald Trump. We can’t afford to lighten up on them for a minute. We are like the French when they suddenly found themselves conquered by the Nazis in 1940. Some collaborated. Some hid and pretended it wasn’t happening. And some joined with others and resisted. It’s your choice.

The martyrdom of Micah Johnson has begun

From Facebook:

POTUS assured the American public that no drone kills would happen here nor to American citizens. The police have become local Military Centers with some powerful lethal force on hand at a second’s notice. As my wife asked, why was non-lethal force not used with Micah Johnson? He’d kill a robot? Come on, tasers, sedatives, turns out there was no hurry. The NRA is probably happy. 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This is the state and feds going WAY over the line. Hellcome To The New World Order.

The martyrdom of Micah Johnson has begun. Constitutional issues. Due process. That weird netherworld where the fringes of the Left and Right meet and intertwine, spouting each other’s rhetoric and worse. I first saw this when Khadafi was killed by Libyan rebels. The anti-Obama right went nuts on due process, blaming Obama for denying Khadafi his right to a fair trial. Now you can hear that from the left. Hillary killed Khadafi.

Today there is talk on the far left about the execution of Micah Johnson. He should have been taken alive, they say. True, but he executed the first cop who came near him. Irrelevant point, I suppose. Depending on one’s point of view, cops are as disposable as black men, and mass murderers are martyrs no different from an innocent man with a burnt out tail light. I suppose if you live your life in the either/or world of the internet, your real world values get pretty warped.

In real life, of course, most of these fearsome Facebook radicals were terrified of 4th of July fireworks just a few days ago. On Wednesday they demanded revolution, while the day before they were livid that the cops wouldn’t arrest the street corner pyrotechnicians scaring their cats.

Ya gotta love the discreet charm of the Facebook bourgeoise.

Some of my best friends are Nazi stooges, and don’t even know it.


I’m seeing a lot about the Zionist media lately, coming from progressives. There’s a list making the rounds I’ve seen a few times in the past week that purports to show the Jews that control the media. It’s cherry picked, of course, running the gamut from people running movie studios to newscasters to CEOs of television networks to the guy who writes Talk of the Town in the New Yorker. The point of the list, as I’m seeing it lately, is to prove that the media is pro-Israel. Zionist. I’m not here to discuss the media’s stance on the war in Gaza one way or the other, but I just want to point out the source of that list. Next time you see it, copy and paste a couple of the lines into google. The exact same list–some of the exact same wording, in fact–will come up again and again, dozens of times, and nearly every single site will be a Nazi hate site. Aryan Nations. Storm Front. Even worse. Whoever it was that originally sourced that list for Anti-Zionist purposes found it on a Nazi website. There are sites that have all sorts of lists like that full of Jews broken down by industry and activity. Jewish actors, Jewish athletes, Jewish movie stars, Jewish intellectuals. Alongside Holocaust denials, white power oaths and pictures of Hitler. Some advocate extermination. Most use more colorful terms than Zionist.

See for yourself at and look for Jewish Media. Believe it or not this is one of the milder sites.

Being opposed to Israeli policy is one thing, supporting Palestinian rights is one thing, being anti-war is one thing. Pictures of dead children are heartbreaking. People are upset. I’m upset. But please don’t fall into the trap of repeating Nazi propaganda when forwarding information around. Good revolutionaries that they are, the neo-Nazis have become masters at getting their message everywhere. The real irony is that people here on Facebook who are rightfully outraged at Christian Identity movements in this country or fascists in Kiev or watching Russian Nazis beat up gays and brown skinned immigrants in Moscow (as smiling police watch)…. These people post and share propaganda from those very same groups on their own Facebook page. You change a few appellations and drop the Holocaust denials and pictures of Hitler and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and many an outraged Progressive has no idea he has just shared anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda with all his Facebook friends.

White supremacism is growing. It’s thoroughly infiltrated the crazier fringe of the Tea Party movement, and you can see it all over the comments on Yahoo News.  Very disturbing stuff. Constant references to Jews this and Jews that and the Jews running the media. Holocaust denial is bigger than ever, expanding beyond its Hitler apologist roots. But some of that thinking is beginning to creep into the left as well. I was wondering how it was that Tea Party members–most of them ardent supporters of Israel–did not see the 21st century Nazis in their own midst. Then I began to see Nazi propaganda like this cherry picked Jews in Media list showing up on a lot of Progressive posts, and I realized how it works. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, people figure. There’s something about Facebook, like the comment sections on news websites, that inhibits logical thinking. It’s too impulsive, maybe, too quick. A medium not designed for a little research and introspection. Hell, Wikipedia is a couple keystrokes away but on Facebook Wikipedia might as well be in another room. Too far to go. Too many posts to read. Too many quizzes. What classic rock band are you?

Always look before posting. Sure it just takes a minute or two. Hate groups are out there, everywhere, like cancer cells. It’s too easy to spread their propaganda for them. You can’t hate them when they’re in Kiev or Moscow or Idaho but do their work for them on Facebook.


Nazi memes

Just found myself debating someone who was insisting that white skinned Jews were not “white”, they were Jewish. The Jews are their own race, he insisted.

This guy was not white, and certainly not a Nazi. He’s not Jewish, obviously. And he’s not a racist. Yet he was parroting Nazi propaganda. Nazi race ideology has been completely reborn on the Internet, and is spreading not only among white supremacists, but among their exact opposites. There are elements on the left that now believe aspects of Nazi race theory without even realizing it. Nazi memes are spreading via the medium of social media. And yet it is OK. No one calls anyone on it. No one points out where those crazy ideas came from. It’s no wonder people say they are sick of the Holocaust. They have already accepted some of the justification for it, though they don’t know it yet.