Trump’s Hoover flags

Hoover flags, they called empty pockets in 1931, and they became emblematic of Herbert Hoover’s abject failure in dealing with the Great Depression. I suspect homemade face masks are becoming Trump’s Hoover Flags.

One thought on “Trump’s Hoover flags

  1. As you did, no doubt, I got this postcard in the mail with the government’s advice on dealing with this thing. Pretty basic stuff; wash your hands, etc. Fine. What infuriated me, much more so than more important things, was the fact that it was called PRESIDENT TRUMP’S advice to Americans (or some such wording; I forget the exact phrase, and we tore the damn thing to shreds as soon as we got it.) Not the CDC’s advice, which was exactly what it was, but PRESIDENT TRUMP’S, as if he had come up with all this stuff out of his very stable genius mind all by himself. I can just picture the CDC being told to make sure his name was in big letters on the front of the postcard. It was this act of petty egoism that really got under my skin.


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