Some of my best friends are Nazi stooges, and don’t even know it.


I’m seeing a lot about the Zionist media lately, coming from progressives. There’s a list making the rounds I’ve seen a few times in the past week that purports to show the Jews that control the media. It’s cherry picked, of course, running the gamut from people running movie studios to newscasters to CEOs of television networks to the guy who writes Talk of the Town in the New Yorker. The point of the list, as I’m seeing it lately, is to prove that the media is pro-Israel. Zionist. I’m not here to discuss the media’s stance on the war in Gaza one way or the other, but I just want to point out the source of that list. Next time you see it, copy and paste a couple of the lines into google. The exact same list–some of the exact same wording, in fact–will come up again and again, dozens of times, and nearly every single site will be a Nazi hate site. Aryan Nations. Storm Front. Even worse. Whoever it was that originally sourced that list for Anti-Zionist purposes found it on a Nazi website. There are sites that have all sorts of lists like that full of Jews broken down by industry and activity. Jewish actors, Jewish athletes, Jewish movie stars, Jewish intellectuals. Alongside Holocaust denials, white power oaths and pictures of Hitler. Some advocate extermination. Most use more colorful terms than Zionist.

See for yourself at and look for Jewish Media. Believe it or not this is one of the milder sites.

Being opposed to Israeli policy is one thing, supporting Palestinian rights is one thing, being anti-war is one thing. Pictures of dead children are heartbreaking. People are upset. I’m upset. But please don’t fall into the trap of repeating Nazi propaganda when forwarding information around. Good revolutionaries that they are, the neo-Nazis have become masters at getting their message everywhere. The real irony is that people here on Facebook who are rightfully outraged at Christian Identity movements in this country or fascists in Kiev or watching Russian Nazis beat up gays and brown skinned immigrants in Moscow (as smiling police watch)…. These people post and share propaganda from those very same groups on their own Facebook page. You change a few appellations and drop the Holocaust denials and pictures of Hitler and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and many an outraged Progressive has no idea he has just shared anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda with all his Facebook friends.

White supremacism is growing. It’s thoroughly infiltrated the crazier fringe of the Tea Party movement, and you can see it all over the comments on Yahoo News.  Very disturbing stuff. Constant references to Jews this and Jews that and the Jews running the media. Holocaust denial is bigger than ever, expanding beyond its Hitler apologist roots. But some of that thinking is beginning to creep into the left as well. I was wondering how it was that Tea Party members–most of them ardent supporters of Israel–did not see the 21st century Nazis in their own midst. Then I began to see Nazi propaganda like this cherry picked Jews in Media list showing up on a lot of Progressive posts, and I realized how it works. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, people figure. There’s something about Facebook, like the comment sections on news websites, that inhibits logical thinking. It’s too impulsive, maybe, too quick. A medium not designed for a little research and introspection. Hell, Wikipedia is a couple keystrokes away but on Facebook Wikipedia might as well be in another room. Too far to go. Too many posts to read. Too many quizzes. What classic rock band are you?

Always look before posting. Sure it just takes a minute or two. Hate groups are out there, everywhere, like cancer cells. It’s too easy to spread their propaganda for them. You can’t hate them when they’re in Kiev or Moscow or Idaho but do their work for them on Facebook.


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