A president with Alzheimer’s

Trump’s endlessly bizarre behavior at G7 makes perfect sense if he has Alzheimer’s. He didn’t lie about those calls from China. He thought they had occurred. I wonder how often this is happening. My guess is daily. Soon he’ll be seeing people who are not there. He’s not making sense because he is descending into dementia.

And this is the thing—if he was your grandfather, you’d assume he had Alzheimer’s. A doctor’s initial diagnosis would be Alzheimer’s. Probably just about everyone who has contact with Trump assumes he has Alzheimer’s. At his age and with his symptoms the most likely cause by far is Alzheimer’s. You have to come up with several coinciding medical and psychiatric conditions to match the same symptoms. So which diagnosis is the most likely?

Why people will not call it what it most likely is I do not know. Apparently we’re waiting for the press conference where he begins seeing and calling on people who are not there. And I don’t think that is very far off.

Everybody in Washington must be aware of this. I suspect it is why Nancy Pelosi has been trying to hold off impeachment proceedings. Indeed it’s the reason why the various House investigations have slowed. It’s because the president has Alzheimer’s, and no one knows what to do.

One thought on “A president with Alzheimer’s

  1. I thought about this post when the whole insane, and ridiculously trivial, thing about Alabama and the hurricane came up. I mean, it would be incredibly easy for anybody without such an extraordinary ego to just chuckle and say, “OK, I made a silly mistake.” Instead we now have a war between the White House and the Weather Bureau (or whatever the proper name for the agency might be. Go ahead and chalk that up to a silly mistake on my part. I don’t mind.)


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