Trump’s kamikaze debate

If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson could swing the funds he could go on an advertising, television and rally blitz this week as the honorable constitutional alternative to Donald Trump, and probably peel off lots of Republicans who can not now vote for Trump. He’d have to do it fast, but he might get 10-20% of the popular vote. Suddenly it is wide open on the conservative side, and Johnson ought to put down the bong and take advantage of the sudden opening. These things only happen once in a political lifetime.

Maybe libertarianism is just socialism for stoners

Gary Johnson just had another stoner moment when he couldn’t name a single living leader of another country. Not one. Shimon Peres? His running mate and designated driver William Weld had to remind him that Peres was no longer among living world leaders. Oh yeah, Gary said. Silence. We waited. Gary shrugged. I’m having another Aleppo moment, he said. I had no idea it was possible to smoke that much marijuana. Yet Johnson is still at 6% nationally and up to 30% among voters 18-35. The very unstoned Jill Stein, however, is down to 1% nationally and slipping below 15% among those same 18-35 year olds. But she is a doctor, not a pothead, and you know what buzzkills doctors are, even the hippie ones. So apparently every time Gary Johnson has a Cheech and Chong moment on national television, Jill Stein loses more stoner votes. Refill Johnson’s bong and the Green Party might disappear altogether. Though if anyone has an alternative explanation I’d love to hear it.

What is Aleppo?

An upbeat and self-confident Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, is on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He’s asked what he would do about Aleppo. He looks confused. What is Aleppo? Asked if he was kidding he repeated what is Aleppo? When told it was in Syria he says oh that and it you could see the scale of his mistake dawn upon him. He is pounded about Syria, and was he not seeing the articles and stories and footage of the disaster in Aleppo? Yes, he said, though was unable to say anything particularly coherent. He left after a couple minutes, completely deflated. What is Aleppo was trending on Twitter before he was even off the set.