2020 caucuses

I just looked at the 2020 Democratic schedule and only three states are holding caucuses this year. Iowa’s is still melting under the media glare. Nevada (36 delegates), if they’re using their traditional three step, three month process might see the same sort of press and social media cataclysm that leveled Iowa (41 delegates). I remember when Nevada used to have a primary. Wyoming (14 delegates) will likely be too late in the season and too small a game to notice. Only three non-state caucuses are happening this year: American Samoa (6 delegates), Guam (7) and the Virgin Islands (7), each of which might find themselves under the glare of media due to the magic of Twitter. It’s Twitter that fueled the hysteria over Iowa, incidentally. Every second—probably quite literally every second—a breaking news item was tweeted by a vast herd of reporters on the ground or in the ether. And just for old times sake the Northern Marianas will be selecting their six delegates to the Democratic National Convention at a territorial convention, just like in The Man Who Killed Liberty Valence.