Democracy Spring

I am utterly bewildered by the timing of this “Democracy Spring” movement. Shouldn’t these people be helping out Bernie Sanders right now instead of this? No one will pay much attention to them as everyone is focused on the election. This is beyond stupid, this is just baked. Which I’m sure too many of them are, to the eyeballs. Dude.

Of course, one of the things about social media is that it gives the illusion that you are having a huge impact on the real world when actually only your Facebook friends are paying any attention.

I’m amazed that the Ben and Jerry guys were in on this. I’d thought they were working for Bernie 24/7. Unless this is somehow supposed to be part of Bernie’s campaign? Is this the revolution? Hell, if Ben and Jerry hadn’t been arrested scarcely anyone would be paying attention to this at all. Meanwhile, as Bernie is fighting for his political life in Maryland and Pennsylvania hundreds of well meaning fools are getting themselves arrested on the Capitol steps for no useful purpose at all.

Democracy Spring–or Democracy Awakening, another group–might well be onto something. This might turn out to be huge. But not now. They have an incredibly bad sense of timing. Might not it be better to picket the Capitol when congress is actually in session? Or when Bernie is not running at the same time? How about when people will be paying attention?  I suggest they take a hint from their name, in the Spring. By then they might even realize that protest means more than sitting around staring at your iPhones.

Democracy Spring

The revolution will not be twitterized.


Leaf blowers

Brooms. Not much noise. More precise. Less dust. No exhaust. Exercise. Cheaper. How do we get this stuff so utterly bassackwards?

Leaf blowers. We all hate them. Alas, from a professional gardener’s perspective, they are so much faster and more efficient than brooms. From the workers’ point of view, they are not bassackwards at all, but just the opposite. Time is money in their highly competitive biz. Only in cities where they’ve been banned do they disappear, and invariably that has cut into the income of the working class gardeners. Not that many people think about their gardeners. But I’ve known several gardeners, and I know even more people whose family income derives, in part, from professional gardening. I just consider leaf blowers a fact of life. Working class solidarity, I suppose. Hard to find something more emblematic of the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the working class than leaf blowers. One third of Occupy Wall Street was in the top twenty per cent of Americans by wealth. If you want to rat them out bring up leaf blowers. They love all Mexicans except the ones blowing leaves around the yard.

leaf blower

Assaulting America’s nicer neighborhoods with their noise, hard work and unsightly pick up trucks.