Promises made, promises kept

I’ll say it again: there’s absolutely nothing that Trump does that is surprising if you follow #MAGA and #QAnon. Everything he does is something his Base has long been demanding, and every demented conspiracy he pushes is common knowledge on MAGA and, more disturbingly, on QAnon. Trump is not an original thinker, he’s never had an original thought in his head. People on MAGA have been demanding that the refugees seized by ICE be dumped in sanctuary cities since last year, at least. So Trump announces he will do it, claiming it as his idea all along, and MAGA agrees and calls him a genius. Promises made, promises kept.

One thought on “Promises made, promises kept

  1. I don’t follow any of these things — I don’t Twitter or Facebook or whatever else is going on these days — but I have been convinced that 30-40% of the American voting public are jackasses. I expect Trump to win a second term based on that demographic. Right now I’m yearning for sane conservatism as the lesser of two evils.


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