This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, these Faroes.

Britain has become positively Shakespearian this week. Gove plunges in the knife, Boris falls, and Theresa May pops in not to praise him. Meanwhile, it’s hard to tell if Jeremy Corbyn is acting out Macbeth or Richard III. Then there was Nigel Farage shouting in Brussels like a bad cop in one of those Angry Young Man movies, unfortunately giving a handsome, bearded, manly Scotsman right out of Jane Austen a brilliant, passionate speech–Scotland has not let you doon, he said, and please don’t let Scotland doon–that instantly made Scotland the darling of Europe while England, well, there will always be an England. That same day the president of Iceland said that now that Great Britain has left the EU it can join Iceland, Norway, Greenland and the Faroe Islands in the European Economic Area (EEA). Though actually Britain can’t because it would mean that Faroese would be able to move to England and skinheads can’t spell Faroese, let alone Kalaallit Nunaat.

Meanwhile, Iceland 2, Britain 1.

I don’t think the anchors at BBC have had this much monotonal fun since the Suez Crisis.


2005 Faroe Islands stamp commemorating the friendly wartime relations between British soldiers and the Faroese population.


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