The Donald speaks

The Donald giving a victory speech. Strangely subdued. Emasculated even. He sounds more like the guy in that Volkwagen Passat commercial driving his daughter to school than a raving fascist demagogue. Sad. he is picking up. Accusing Hillary of taking hundreds of millions of rubles in bribes from Putin while secretary of state. China too. Zillions of dollars. Shaking ’em down. Bill and Hillary using the State Department to make huge amounts of money at the expense of the American people. He promises a major speech next week. I wonder if he will have documentation, or just use Joe McCarthy’s list of communists in the State Department.

I knew it, one fifth of Bernie voters will say, he has my vote.

Also, Hillary has caused the mass migration of people from the middle east to America and Europe. From the entire world maybe, perhaps even that Mexican judge, it was all rather vague. Other bad things too, but I was too startled by the realization that Hillary was the change agent in 21st century human migration patterns. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

No PPP! an audience member yells. Yeah, no PPP Trumps says.

I have no idea what PPP means.

Then Trump says you mean no PP.

The audience snickers. I am still bewildered.

Maybe it was another penis joke.

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