Bernie Sanders and the very last primary of 2016

Bernie said in Santa Monica tonight that he will continue the fight for every last delegate. Yet the one remaining contest is the primary next week in Washington DC, and if demographic trends continue as they have in every other single race with comparable demographics, Bernie Sanders will get creamed. It could be 80-20 for Hillary. It is a guaranteed complete humiliation, yet he is making his last big push there, even calling for an army of volunteers and maximum effort. Today’s results were bad enough, but by announcing it is his last stand, he is bringing all the Washington and campaign press corps’ attention on his final disastrous defeat in the nation’s capitol next Tuesday, a contest that otherwise would have been a small item in the news. It’ll just make his campaign look like a failure. At least he won two of the six states tonight, but he cannot win anything in the Washington D.C. primary. And what is after that, the Super Delegates? Being blown out of the water in the last nine contests is a way to impress the Super Delegates? Because in a four day span Bernie Sanders lost the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico, and California primaries. Next week, add Washington D.C. to that list. In the three biggest of those, the ones with most of the delegates–Puerto Rico, New Jersey and California–Bernie was crushed. Three Hillary landslides. She expanded her delegate lead by hundreds, and in a four day span Hillary Clinton increased her popular vote total over Bernie Sanders by about 800,000 votes. Bernie Sanders won the Montana primary and the North Dakota caucuses. That is it. Fighting for delegates this late in the game is not doing him any good. Indeed, it’s weakening him. He was a much bigger candidate just a week ago, making demands, promising an upset in California, getting more press than Hillary. He’s not so big now. He’ll be even less big after next Tuesday.

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