Making fun of poor people on Black Friday

It’s been pointed out that Black Friday is the only day of the year that lower income families can afford to buy household items otherwise beyond their means. I think there’s an element of class prejudice in our condemnation and satire of Black Friday shoppers. After all, it’s not the upper class and two per centers cramming into Walmart, and you don’t see all those professionals without kids lining up to be the first in at Target. We’re just keeping alive the fine old tradition of making fun of everything poor people do.

You can’t be a democratic socialist and think you’re better than the working class. But that is the problem when Progressives have the highest income level of any American political orientation. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed Occupying Wall Street a couple years ago had incomes that qualifed them as wealthy, one third had post-graduate degrees, and the vast majority were white. Rather than reflecting the working class, they were much were much reflective of the American upper class. Those condemning ‘Murica tend to be the very thing they hate. If they weren’t so overpaid, there wouldn’t be so many of the less fortunate acting crazy at Walmart on Black Friday. Shopping at Whole Foods is a far more destructive act than fighting over a microwave at Walmart.

If you make good money now, and live comfortably, you are probably in the top fifth of American Income earners. That makes you part of the problem. Just ask Bernie Sanders.


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