Why do progressives consider late night television comedians to be great political thinkers?

Why do Progressives consider late night television comedians to be great political thinkers? I mean where the hell did that come from? What part of the concept of show biz do all these Progressives not understand? This celebrity political posturing isn’t real, this is like the Catskills. Just riffing on politics the way professional funny men used to go on about relationships. Do Progressives adore their pronouncements because it’s easier than reading? Less boring than the news? Do Progressives get the same sort of rush out of watching some ham fisted SNL skit that Trump supporters get chanting Lock Her Up? Has it really gotten this lowbrow? Hell, we used to think our parents were dumb but they weren’t watching Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts for political philosophy. They read the papers or watched the evening news. Sometimes it seems like everything is either Network or A Face In the Crowd anymore. Whatever the guy says on TV, we believe. Jimmy Kimmel crying like Al Jolson, give me a break. He’s just another celebrity millionaire pretending he’s one of us. He ain’t. He’s rich. Trump is rich too and he and Kimmel have vastly more in common than does Kimmel and you or I. Fuck the rich, they are the problem, and we sure as hell don’t need to have them to speak and think for us, no matter how funny they think they are.