Tanks and cannons and missiles

Funny how the classically simple American inaugural parade–honor guards, brass bands, fifes and drums–were not enough for Trump. He wanted tanks and cannons and missiles and thousands and thousands of soldiers in perfect ranks, while overhead wave after wave of fighters and bombers buzzed the crowd. He didn’t get them.

Empty bleachers

The pictures like this from the inaugural parade are nuts, as those are the bleachers that were around the Presidential viewing stand. Obviously these seats were to be distributed by the Trump transition team, and obviously nobody bothered. It is a stunning display of organizational incompetence. Who was in charge of this? And what are they doing now, that Trump is president? Are they in the West Wing? Do they have a portfolio? Are they anywhere near the nuclear codes? I heard that the Trump people refused to use any of the professionals who organize these events every four years. You can tell.