Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club sold for a billion dollars. Hard to fathom how that could possibly be worth a billion dollars. I suppose the buyer thinks he can use their model to create dollar whatever clubs? Still, even then I can’t figure on the billion dollar tag. A microbrewery in San Diego went for a cool billion too. I know start ups in Silicon Valley have been going for ridiculous prices. Perhaps it’s flowing over into other consumer goods? Definitely a sign of just how much cash there is up there in the 2% that throwing a billion at a place that sells razor blades cheap is not considered a ridiculous expenditure. I recall the early 2000’s and this kind of madness sweeping the internet industry–as it was called then–till everything came crashing down in a cloud of dust and worthless stocks. People dreaming of millions of dollars looking for a few thousand to make the mortgage. I knew literally hundreds of people who were put of work in a matter of months.
Anyway, this essay can be bought for considerably less than a billion dollars. As can I.