So a Berniecrat wrote a long and beautifully composed Facebook post yesterday complaining about the condescending attitude of those among us who condemn him for planning on voting for a third party this November. It went on and on with considerable eloquence and fire.

So can I put you down as a vote for Trump, I asked.

He responded with a long and angry and beautifully written paragraph explaining how stupid my statement was. It went on and on in eloquently outraged prose, nearly as long as his original post, and even more passionate. He explained his original points in university level English, to make absolutely sure I understood.

Now you’re being condescending, I said.

That bought forth his angriest paragraph yet, full of outraged long words and beautifully placed fuck yous.

But I was joking, I said.

Nothing came in response. Not a peep. Not even a barfing emoji.


A supporter of former Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wears tape across her mouth in protest on the floor at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia