Burn Baby Burn


There’s a lot of white people yelling burn baby burn on Facebook and Twitter tonight, nice white people living in nice white neighborhoods a thousand miles away. It’s always easy to demand violent action when it’s not in your own neighborhood. And it’s always easy to demand neighborhoods burn when you think that property isn’t worth that much anyway. As long as it’s those people. Those people. Someone even plays the stereo too loud in your neighborhood and you call the police. But this isn’t about you, is it? It’s about those people. Sure there’s a riot goin’ on–I’ve seen that a few times tonight on Facebook, quoting Sly–but it’s not in your neighborhood. It’s so exciting, isn’t it, being a keyboard revolutionary.

I didn’t hear Michael Brown’s parents yelling burn baby burn. But then this isn’t about them. It’s about nice white people living vicariously through someone else’s broken windows and busted heads.

A public storage facility consumed in flames in Ferguson, Missouri, November 24, 2014.

A public storage facility consumed in flames in Ferguson, Missouri, November 24, 2014.       (Eric Thayer/Washington Post)

Abuse and Cruelty

So Kaley in the Humane Society commercials I have seen a zillion times says I should become a member to end abuse and cruelty in the world. Help us end abuse and cruelty in the world, she says. That is quite a to do list. 1) End abuse. 2) End cruelty. Apparently the Humane Society has taken on a greater scope of responsibilities than before. Or maybe abuse and cruelty are things that only happen to puppies and kitties. ISIS hates kittens. Boko Haram kicked my dog.

Democracy Spring

I am utterly bewildered by the timing of this “Democracy Spring” movement. Shouldn’t these people be helping out Bernie Sanders right now instead of this? No one will pay much attention to them as everyone is focused on the election. This is beyond stupid, this is just baked. Which I’m sure too many of them are, to the eyeballs. Dude.

Of course, one of the things about social media is that it gives the illusion that you are having a huge impact on the real world when actually only your Facebook friends are paying any attention.

I’m amazed that the Ben and Jerry guys were in on this. I’d thought they were working for Bernie 24/7. Unless this is somehow supposed to be part of Bernie’s campaign? Is this the revolution? Hell, if Ben and Jerry hadn’t been arrested scarcely anyone would be paying attention to this at all. Meanwhile, as Bernie is fighting for his political life in Maryland and Pennsylvania hundreds of well meaning fools are getting themselves arrested on the Capitol steps for no useful purpose at all.

Democracy Spring–or Democracy Awakening, another group–might well be onto something. This might turn out to be huge. But not now. They have an incredibly bad sense of timing. Might not it be better to picket the Capitol when congress is actually in session? Or when Bernie is not running at the same time? How about when people will be paying attention?  I suggest they take a hint from their name, in the Spring. By then they might even realize that protest means more than sitting around staring at your iPhones.

Democracy Spring

The revolution will not be twitterized.


Thank God Donald Trump came to the rescue

After the Paris attacks the GOP conveniently went after Syrian refugees which allowed the American Left to turn the debate of Islamic terrorism into a part of the 2016 presidential election contest. It became part of the classic battle between the Democratic party’s multi-culturalism and the Republican Party’s resurgent racist nativism. In the process the threat of real live Islamic terrorism was ignored, even belittled. I wondered, a month ago, how we on the Left would react when American Islamic terrorists, inspired by ISIS, would attack. Continue reading

Two ISIS members shoot up a room full of social workers, and the Left blames the NRA and the Right blames Syrians.

Watching the news, it’s fascinating how France and the US are dealing with their respective terrorist attacks. In France, the attacks are discussed in terms of radicalized Islam vs the French Republic. The enemy is ISIS and its supporters. But in the US, the attacks are discussed almost purely in terms of American presidential politics, and the enemy is either the Republican party or the Democratic party. It has yet to sink in who it is we are fighting. For Republicans it seems to be all of Islam, while for Democrats it seems to be the National Rifle Association. The fact that both Democrats and Republicans (aka conservatives and liberals) are both quite divorced from reality here is never mentioned, because to the next terrorists–and there will almost assuredly be more attacks–Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same. We’re all targets. As far as they are concerned this whole political debate, and the furor all over Facebook, is quite irrelevant. Continue reading

Progressive Tea Party

Just read another intellectual hyperbolic scree on Facebook against the news media, about how it’s always against the true Americans, how it always lies, how it is twisted in favor of the other side. Pure Tea Party anti-press paranoia. Only this came from the Left.  More and more the same paranoid, intolerant, self-delusional memes that  drive the right are infecting the left. I see this everyday from people I know on Facebook.

He wasn’t just condemning FoxNews…he was condemning all media. It made no sense, he was just yelling. But he got a long list of equally verbose and intelligent comments agreeing with and adding to his nonsense. It was like reading the comments on FoxNews.com or Yahoo News, but through the looking glass and spell checked.. I’d stepped into a hole and fallen up, and progressives were screaming just like the Tea Partiers scream, but backwards. Inside out. Continue reading