Lyndon LaTrump


It’s sort of like Lyndon LaRouche won the presidency. Just as weird, just as paranoid, just as out of it. His acolytes were complete nutcases. We laughed back then. Then some idiot invented the internet.

4 thoughts on “Lyndon LaTrump

  1. Even the ridiculous and trivial world of science fiction fandom has split apart politically due to the genuinely evil power of social media. The “alt right” folks are constantly harassing what they call Social Justice Warriors, and the Left is doing exactly what the Right wants them to do, by shouting back, banning people from SF conventions, and so on. The Right stages protests against “pedophilia in science fiction fandom” at the World Science Fiction convention, and stages block voting that puts deliberately idiotic works on the Hugo Award. (They got something called “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” nominated, as an example.) The whole thing makes me ashamed to be a fan.


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