If you love your country, loathe Donald Trump.

The electoral college is a built in guard against pure democracy, a constitutional means of rigging a presidential election. This is the fifth time it has happened (1824, 1876, 1888, 2000 and now 2016). So Trump was very much correct, it turns out, when he said the system was rigged. Hopefully people will not stop pointing this out, especially as Hillary’s lead keeps piling up. It means nothing, that lead–all that counts is the vote of the electoral college–but it is a constant reminder that this so called agent for change was actually elected by a minority of voters, while nearly all of the majority dislike him intensely. Indeed, he is probably flat out despised by more people than there are supporting him. Does that mean he’s not president? No. Does that limit his constitutional prerogatives in any way? Of course not. He won the most electoral votes. But does that mean, as I keep hearing today, that we have to support him? Not at all. Indeed, it is perhaps a patriotic duty to undermine him. I say hate the racist, misogynist, quasi-fascist sonofabitch. Detest everything he stands for. Everything he represents. If you love your country, loathe Donald Trump.

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