Blaming the good for the bad


About the cold blooded murder of those two New York cops, I keep seeing people somehow blaming their deaths on the recent protests. As if all those who protested the deaths of unarmed black males at the hands of the police are responsible, even indirectly, for these murders. As if a whole movement is an accessory to the fact. It’s not true. Every protest movement generates the occasional craziness, but that does not reflect on or invalidate the protests one bit. There are loonies and sociopaths who get caught up in excitement and kill, but they would kill anyway. This is just an excuse. Charlie Manson blamed the Beatles, the Symbionese Libeation Army cited Martin Luther King. There were murders and mayhem carried out by rogue thugs in the American Revolution and they claimed the were killing in cold blood for our independence. But they were killing because they loved killing. Independence was just an excuse. This is the same situation. There’s a connection between the deaths of those two officers and the death of Eric Garner only because the killer texted it as his reason. But the protests are not to blame. You can’t blame the good for the bad. You’d have to blame the entire human race to perdition if that were the case. Every single person who ever lived could somehow be connected indirectly with some murder or genocide. I suppose that makes for great comments on Facebook, but it’s nonsense. Eric Garner did not cause the deaths of those two officers. Nor did those of you in the streets. This tit for tat blame game is just keyboard warriors strutting their stuff, thinking they’re badass.

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