The Incredible Vanishing Bernie

What a difference a week and a string of defeats can make. Bernie Sanders has completely vanished from the Huffington Post. Hillary is all over the place, but it’s as if Bernie never existed, either in headline or picture. Trump is everywhere in the Huffington Post, scary as hell. Hillary is everywhere, being presidential. As is Obama, being president. Republicans are all over the paper being cowardly (with an especially bad picture of Mitch McConnell). The National Rifle Association is on there too, being eerily silent. But no Bernie being anything. He was once all over the Huffington Post, every single day, in pictures, headlines, and in columns singing his praises. But that was a long, long time ago, just last week. Now I scroll down and down and down but there is no sign of Bernie Sanders, even though today was the final primary of the Democratic race. Clinton Wins the Washington D.C. Primary a headline says. Bernie didn’t make the headline. I keep scrolling and finally think I see a picture of Bernie Sanders, but it’s actually Larry David. Curb Your Enthusiasm, it said, returns for a ninth season. No mention of his Bernie Sanders shtick. No mention of Bernie at all.

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