Living Wage


The Huffington Post continues its strong coverage of the campaign to get fast food workers a livable wage while not giving its own writers a livable wage, or any wage at all. Of  course when you dominate the progressive media, no one will ever notice.

The CEO of McDonald’s makes a ridiculous 14 million dollars a year while Arianna makes a paltry 4 million.  McDonald employees make $7.66 an hour. That’s about $16K per year. So the CEO of McDonald’s makes 875 times more per year than the person who prepares your hamburgers.

Arianna Huffington makes four million times more than most of the people who write for her website.

Which might just be the single most egregious example of income inequality you will find in America. Even in the most outrageously crooked Wall Street firms the bosses don’t make four million times more money than their basic employees.

Muckraking journalists used to call these kind of executives robber barons. I don’t know what to call it when the muckrakers have become robber barons themselves. Ironic, I guess.

We are becoming a nation of interns. Incidentally, some interns pay the Huffington Post to work for the Huffington Post. And I can’t figure that one out at all. But then one of the saddest facts about income inequality in America is that it doesn’t appear to bother Americans that greatly. Perhaps they all know, in their heart of hearts, that they too will be rich someday. This is the land of opportunity, after all. And that same psychology is prevalent among bloggers, many of whom see no reason why anybody should pay them to write. Every blogger in America thinks they are just a few blogs away from being a best selling author. That’s the dream. Then they’ll be rich and famous and never have to eat or even work at McDonald’s again.

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