So a self-identified progressive guy, a real bright guy at that, is arguing his point and as proof he uses an article taken from a well known conservative website. I point out that it is a conservative website and therefore the information would be slanted. He was shocked I doubted the story. Facts, he told me, have no political bias. This from a guy who insists the big corporate media is biased. He won’t believe anything he hears on MSNBC because they are so biased–even all the pro-Bernie analysts and staffers they have on regularly, apparently–but he will go to conservative news sites to get his news. I’m sure he doesn’t all the time, but I was a bit troubled by the fact that he thinks a story on a right wing site and a left wing site are the same thing, as facts have no political bias. Apparently on television all facts are biased, even if they are progressive. But something he saw on Facebook has to be true, even if it was written by conservatives with an agenda.

The logic escapes me. It’s not like there is any shortage of progressive news sites.

I’m hoping this is an isolated case.

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