A mandate is a state of mind

No one seems to look at is this way, but right now Donald Trump is supported by about 10% of registered voters, and Bernie Sanders about 15% or even 17%.

Or let’s put it this way–right now nine out of ten American voters do not want to vote for Donald Trump, in fact most would not vote for him under any circumstance whatsoever. Among other reasons, they loathe him. It’s hard to win over people who hate you and wish you had never been born.

And eight or so out of every ten American voters feel are not feeling the Bern to various degrees. Some aren’t feeling it a little bit, and perhaps some of those could be swayed. Some aren’t likely to feel it all and would feel safer with a moderate Democrat or even a moderate conservative than a life long socialist. And some feel about Bernie the way almost everyone else feels about Donald Trump.

That’s the math. True believers in both camps will claim not to believe in math. A mandate is a state of mind.

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