The revolution will not be twitterized either, apparently

Was just looking at Dr. Cornel West’s twitter page to see how he is pushing along Bernie’s drive for black votes. Turns out Dr. West does not tweet. Well he tweets, but apparently only when he’s in the mood. He’s almost never in the mood. The last time he was in the mood was September 8, when he tweeted briefly about it being John Coltrane’s birthday. Before then he released a whole flurry of tweets on August 24, the day he endorsed Bernie Sanders, in what is basically a long essay broken up into little tweets. And that is all that Dr. Cornel West has done on Twitter to help Bernie Sanders. That’s it. Instead of a torrent of tweets on Bernie’s behalf and attacking Hillary, Dr. West can’t be bothered to do a fucking thing. And this is the man who will turn Bernie’s standing in the African-American community in the South around.

No wonder there were nobody but white people at those rallies in the Carolinas. They were probably the only ones who even knew about them.

You cannot fundamentally reform the nation if your campaign staff can’t even do some basic advance work for a few campaign appearances.


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