Kamala Harris

Apparently Kamala will be running for president in 2020. Her grandstanding in the Senate when the TV cameras are rolling were on had me wondering, but this clinches it. A Courage Not Courtesy sticker. First term Senator JFK had to write a book called Profiles in Courage. A whole book. As did first term senator Barack Obama. Apparently Senator Harris figures you can get by with a sticker. It’s a meme’s world.

Courage Not Courtesy

Supplies are limited, her post says, get your sticker today.

I assume she thinks you need a show biz schtick to run for president, an image. Barack’s was being thoughtful. Kamala’s is being rude but courageous? What’s she gonna do next, punch a Nazi?

Hopefully she tones down the aggro and gets down to work. Like she did in California. She was hard working, results driven and principled. That’s why I’d been a loyal supporter for years. But her brand new Trump inspired obnoxious shit doesn’t impress me. It’s probably not impressing a lot of people. It’s certainly not impressing the press, who I imagine expected a much classier act. Progressives seem to love it, though. Show biz.


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